JULY 19th - 22nd 2018

About Bliss Beat Festival

An interview to taste the party coming!

1. How did Bliss Beat Festival start?

The love for music and Yoga is the basis of the event. We have a Yoga school (www.hari-om.it, www.hariomyogaschool.com), and we love using modern mantra chanting in our lessons. Our students very often ask about the singers and want to buy their cds after practising with their music. The idea of an event was a thought that arrived like many thoughts arrive. With the passing of the days this thought became enthusiasm and joy. This is how the festival was born.


2. What is the main theme of the festival – is it more prominent the Yoga or the music?

Both are prominent, as the message is the same: we have been given unbelievable instruments to evolve! Let's use them!

3. How many years has it been going?

This is the second edition.

4. Where will people be staying – Hotels or Camping?

We have a Camping with all facilities for those who want to stay near the location of the festival. But we also have special agreements with hotels not far from the festival.

5. Can you describe the countryside around the festival a bit – are there any villages nearby and do festival guests go there for food – or is there food on site?

The festival is organized in the beauty of the Piedmont Countryside: a marvellous area with thermal waters, truffle legends, and little villages. Vegan and vegetarian food is available inside the festival area, which will offer an eco-friendly party with healthy food for body and mind.

6. For the yoga classes will there be classes in Italian and English or will they all be in English?

Yoga classes will be in English or in Italian, according to the teachers and kirtan singers involved

7. What are some of the most interesting bands you have playing at the festival?

If one means interesting by well-known, then the "big names" would be Wah!, Dave Stringer, David Newman, Satyaa and Pari, Emy Berti, Brenda Mc Morrow and Philippo Franchini. But we also want Bliss Beat to be a stepping stone for groups that are not that well known in Europe... yet! For example Kevin James all the way from Australia, Kirtaniyas from US – young, high energy, vitality and devotion leads to a great combination to be passed on through music. Also a great thing that happened last year and hopefully will again this year, was all those different artists playing together and supporting each other. Wonderful unity of spirit!

8. How is this year's festival different from last year's edition?

This second edition is music and artistic oriented. Most part of the Yoga session are anyway with music and art. I think we can define more experimental but also the 2 souls of the festival (Yoga and music) are more integrated and they become One.

9. Can you tell me a bit about the situation with Yoga in Italy? How popular it is? What kind of Yoga is popular? Are there many Italian Yoga Teachers compared with foreign Yoga Teachers in Italy?

Yoga in Italy is growing very fast in terms of number of students, teachers and general interest from the last 3-4 years. Hari-Om is one of the bigger school in Italy running Yoga Teacher Trainings and every year there are more people interested. Also the preparation of the teachers is growing at the same time. 99% of the Yoga Teachers here are Italian. We can say that there is still a gap between the old generation teachers coming from their experience in India without to pass through a true training, and the new one for sure with more technical skill.

10. Are you expecting this festival to be going for many years into the future?

Yes, of course, we are creating a network of Yoga Teachers and musicians who share the dream of spreading Yoga as much as possible, so that every person can experience the marvellous gift of this spiritual path.

11. How can people buy tickets? Can they also just come and buy ticket when they arrive?

People can buy tickets through our website or directly on spot.

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Hari Om is a school of Yoga for Yoga teachers and for those who want to deepen their knowledge of Yoga. Yoga Alliance accredited and recognized by the Italian national sporting bodies (CONI, MSP).

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Cascina Bellaria, home of the Yoga school Hari-om, is a classic farmhouse of the Piedmont countryside, located on a small hill in the northwest countryside surrounded by the silhouette of the French Alps, and is between Alessandria and Acqui Terme.


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