JULY 19th - 22nd 2018

Dear Cascina

Dear Cascina

I want to thank you for those days of bliss we spent together.

In that large meadow where the sound filled the space in between earth and sky,

your special and magic welcoming created the condition for infinite peace,

your discrete presence transmitted a lovely ambiance in a joyful and festive mood,

your balanced exactitude lightly guided all the activities of this festival,

your solidity allowed everything around to freely flow,

the breath of your heart donated love, tenderness, sympathy and amiable availability.

Four days seems a lot at the beginning, but only in that moment.

I listen to the silence, I savor the smell in the air while the faces of everyone I met and made acquaintance with, run in front of my eyes: the organizers and the staff, the training mates, the teachers, new and old, everyone with the joy of meeting again or meeting new people.

Tales, stories, smiles, music, yoga practice, dance, looks, booming laughters, kids, the work we did together, faces and names: this has been my BlissBeat…

My body relives the practice of these days letting each asana go through my heart, without holding it, but ready to redo it and repeat it; perhaps, it just forgot the anxiety to remember the sequences, it just does them…

And now that everywhere is silent, that the rooms are empty, that the tents gave back the space to the grass, now, right now, among a bed to undo and a suitcase to do, I feel that thanks to you I lived and relive known experiences, just with a better knowledge and clarity that once again makes them unique.

And for this:

I thank you, because I was the grass when smelling the lawn

I thank you, because I was the cloud when looking at the sky

I thank you because I was a leaf of a shadowy tree

I thank you because I was a ray of light during each sun salutation

I thank you because I was the air at each breath

I thank you because I was the strength of each work done

I thank you because I was water when sweating during practice

I thank you because I was the other at each new or old encounter and thank you to welcome me among your lovely walls, to allow me to take care of you and to carry you in my heart.



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Hari Om is a school of Yoga for Yoga teachers and for those who want to deepen their knowledge of Yoga. Yoga Alliance accredited and recognized by the Italian national sporting bodies (CONI, MSP).

cascina bellaria 

Cascina Bellaria, home of the Yoga school Hari-om, is a classic farmhouse of the Piedmont countryside, located on a small hill in the northwest countryside surrounded by the silhouette of the French Alps, and is between Alessandria and Acqui Terme.


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