JULY 19th - 22nd 2018

Bliss Beat Festival 2014

Mentioning someone would leave out others so I really need to thank everyone, participants and all those who worked in many ways to it.

Images, comments, emotions that you are posting on the social networks, the powerful wave you created doesn't need any other words.

You have certainly realized that the main difference from last year was the music, which also meant a "different" type of people coming to the festival. It was a strong decision, I know. And as all choices, some liked it, some didn't. Why did I do that? First of all for a mere personal pleasure. On Saturday afternoon, at the first distortion of the guitar, I must confess I started breathing better. I needed it. And then more important, I would like the Bliss Beat Festival to become more related to art, to express beauty in every way. I don't think there's a real boundary between what's Yoga and what's not. I think Yoga is the attitude to look at things and welcome them, looking for beauty. Otherwise the risk of labeling the word yoga into a cage and feeling better than others is very serious.

Emanuela Genesio's workshop visual arts and meditation "fullempty":

In these days we received emails from people who came to the festival just for the concerts on Saturday night and discovered our world through music. These emails are about surprise and joy for the beautiful atmosphere they were not used to and certainly did not expect and that made everything magic. We created this magic together, and it's the only real medicine, the only goal that is worth a whole year of work. Those who taste it are impressed, and it doesn't matter if is a Yogi or not, or it will ever be. I'm sure that the magic I'm talking about is an alchemy able to support a change and a personal revolution that will happen in ways and times that all different for everyone. Honoring diversity is the only way to perceive the One beyond it.

Thank you to everyone and I hope to see you all next year if not before.

Photo stream whit the Cropcircle's music:

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