JULY 19th - 22nd 2018

Marco Tromba

Born in 1970, married, father of three children, in 1994 started training in traditional chinese Kung Fu at the Centro Italiano Divulgazione Arti Orientali (Italian Center for the Spreading of Oriental Arts) in Genova, managed by the Si Gung Gianluca Taddei.

Since then, he never abandoned the school and the teaching of its founding master, and kept deepening his knowledge of the different external and internal styles of Kung Fu. Among these, for example, there are the Hung Gar, the Tang Lang (Praying Mantis), the Wing Chun, the Tai Chi Chuan and the Ba Gua Zhang. Through his dedication, he obtained the degree of Si Bak according to the meritocratic system typical of the traditional chinese martial schools.

In 2008 he founded the Associazione Arti Orientali Alessandria (Oriental Art Association in Alessandria), where he performs as Technical Manager. The objective of the Association is to promote the studying and learning of Kung Fu through methods and targets typical of chinese martial tradition. In fact, the path suggested by the Association, joined with the CIDAO Network, doesn't prosecute sport ranking or agonistic competitions, but is aimed to a deep knowledge, both theoretical and practical, of the most important fighting styles, bare handed and armed, and also to the obtaining and maintaining of a person's wellbeing through the practice of specific exercises and techniques from traditional indian Yoga and from chinese internal sectors, like Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung.

On a personal level, the knowledge and the application of the principles that belong to Kung Fu have been exceptionally important not only on a martial point of view, but also as tools to develop and grow personally in everyday life and to affirm himself on job-related aspects. In fact, he is Manager of Foreign Services in an important entrepreneurial association in the Alessandria province, as well as General Manager for some important consortia of local businesses.

logo HO 

Hari Om is a school of Yoga for Yoga teachers and for those who want to deepen their knowledge of Yoga. Yoga Alliance accredited and recognized by the Italian national sporting bodies (CONI, MSP).

cascina bellaria 

Cascina Bellaria, home of the Yoga school Hari-om, is a classic farmhouse of the Piedmont countryside, located on a small hill in the northwest countryside surrounded by the silhouette of the French Alps, and is between Alessandria and Acqui Terme.


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