JULY 19th - 22nd 2018

First steps in Judo

Workshop for adults and children.

Judo literally means "path (do) of surrender (ju)".
Judo is a body-to-body combat discipline, feature for sockets, projection techniques, and ground combat.
One might think of judo as an aggressive martial art with a high level of competitiveness, while in reality it is proposed to be the exact opposite, that is, the art of surrender, in which it is taught to the athlete to exploit the strength of the opponent and optimize his own. This always makes the technique prevaile on force.

Through proper athletic training and careful technique learning, athletes in judo try to produce effective actions to control and subdue even a bigger and stronger opponent.
The practice of judo allows a general improvement of physical condition and coordination, an increase in concentration, with the pedagogic intent of developing awareness and respect for oneself and towards the adversary.

Judo's propedeutic courses for both children and adults aim to teach and experience the athletic training and the technique that underlies this discipline through games and exercises that simulate falls and simpler techniques, up to simulation of a real fight with an opponent.

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Hari Om is a school of Yoga for Yoga teachers and for those who want to deepen their knowledge of Yoga. Yoga Alliance accredited and recognized by the Italian national sporting bodies (CONI, MSP).

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Cascina Bellaria, home of the Yoga school Hari-om, is a classic farmhouse of the Piedmont countryside, located on a small hill in the northwest countryside surrounded by the silhouette of the French Alps, and is between Alessandria and Acqui Terme.


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